Frankie Gavin

Frankie Gavin is one of the world’s greatest musicians and possesses that rare ability to elicit the full spectrum of emotions within the listener.  His fiddle playing ranges from the powerful, the spectacular and the scintillating to the most precious touch of subtlety and always from the heart.

He has always been true to the tradition and was influenced by the great traditional music of the 1920’s, however, it is his ability to innovate and improvise which sets him apart. Whether he is playing solo or in a group where his remarkable ability to provide an ever changing counter melody is to the fore, he is a veritable force of nature. His incredible bowing and the lightning precision of his fingers combine naturally in a rich tone. Add to this his innate sense of rhythm and swing and the result is a performance unequalled in traditional music.

It is these credentials, which have led to musical collaborations with such stellar musicians as Stephane Grappelli, Yehudi Menuhin and even The Rolling Stones.
In his recent formation of the new De Dannan, the band provide a perfect vehicle for his ideas in which their collective virtuosity combine to enthral. He is also a wonderful composer. His musical interests are eclectic and beyond his vast repertoire of traditional tunes he plays jazz as well as classical and blues. Over the years his approach to music in general has gathered up a legion of new fans to Irish music. Never constrained, there is a marvellous feeling of liberation in his playing which is evident not only in his numerous recordings but in particular in his stunning live performances.

Frankie Gavin and De Dannan

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